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Injury Prevention Bundle | CPT CES SFC

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CPT Program Details

NASM is the highest respected personal training certification and will be sure to help you land interviews in no time.

The NASM CPT Program is a fully online self-study program that can be completed in as little as 4 weeks. This program includes 6 sections, 24 chapters that deep dive through human anatomy, physiology, nutritional concepts, fitness assessments to determine muscle imbalances, training technique and coaching instructions, program designing, behavioral coaching and professional development.

CES Program Details

Did you know, CES professionals earn a 20% higher salary on average than other personal trainers, per the 2021 Annual NASM CPT Survey. With the NASM Corrective Exercise Specialist credential, you’ll master the art and science of human movement to help clients reduce injury risk and maximize performance. By understanding posture, movement, and mobility assessments to identify movement compensations, you'll be better equipped to create a well-rounded training program for your clients.

CEU Value: 1.9 NASM

SFC Program Details

Help people experience the benefits of greater mobility, range of motion, and injury prevention through individualized flexibility training.  Help your clients feel more mobile and pain-free with safe and effective stretching routines.

This course will deep dive into muscle and tissue structure to better understand the mechanisms behind stretching and how to help you r clients reach their ideal flexibility. 

CEU Value: 1.6 NASM

SAVE $874


Injury Prevention Bundle | CPT CES SFC



This bundle contains our industry-leading Certified Personal Trainer, Corrective Exercise Specialization, and Stretching and Flexbility Coach Specializations. This combination gives you the perfect foundation to launch your fitness caree...



Elevate your career with our wide range of NASM certifications, specialization courses, and bundled packages, Unlock Your Fitness Potential with NPTA!

Lowest Price Guaranteed: Discover the best deals with us! If you stumble upon a lower price elsewhere, simply reach out to us and we'll gladly match it.

Pass Guarantee Manual: A study guide created by NPTA to ensure you pass the NASM exam (We've had a 100% pass rate to date!)

Dedicated Support Assistant: You will be assigned a go-to individual to answer any questions you may have regarding your courses.

Certified Personal Trainer Apprenticeship Program:

  • 40 Hours hands-on experience training clients.

  • A letter of recommendation from Jesse Benson owner of Fit Integrated (Canada's 2024 Top Trainers).

  • 1 Hour mentorship session with Jesse Benson. 

  • Interview Prep course + Interview with Fit Integrated Demo (with feedback) 

  • Apprentice Program Certificate of completion.

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